This report has been linked to the following event: Gebeurtenis 1826-2021
NaamMichael T
Ervarings niveau1/5
Opmerkingenthis is my first time reporting a shooting star or fireball. I had to google to relieve my state of mind in what I experienced. ive seen a handful of shooting stars but this one was the craziest do to how large in size and how close it was in the sky
AdresMattydale, NY
Breedtegraad43° 5' 52,17'' N (43,1°)
Lengtegraad 76° 8' 41,88'' W (-76,14°)
Tijd en Duur
Lokale Datum & Tijd22/03/2021 00:00 EDT
UT Datum & Tijd22/03/2021 04:00 UT
BeweegrichtingVan boven links naar beneden rechts
Azimut kijkrichting270,52°
Eerste azimut270,93°
Eerste hoogte17°
Laatste azimut271,17°
Laatste hoogte14°
Helderheid en kleur
Ster helderheid-18
Kleurwhite, and red sparks. possibly orange (with the red sparks), yellow, and light yellow
Gelijktijdig geluid
Uitgesteld geluid
Nalichtend spoor
OpmerkingenI don't know how to answer how long the train is with degrees; it doesn't make sense to me i'm sorry, but to answer this question; it glowed very bright into my view moving downwards to the right a bit in an angle from above. it most likely was longer than how I saw it; it seemed like it was very close in the sky and the length could've been from over my head but I couldn't tell because my car front window could only see so much. i did not have time to poke my head forward to see how long it was. it was just in my view and I was in shock in how big and close it was. after seeing the beam or train glow and its entirety I focused on the head and I saw red orange sparks circulating a bit around and it all disappeared in a split second after that. but wow it was close, large, and stayed in the sky longer than my past times ive seen shooting stars. it was different especially with those sparks but it resembled exactly like my past shooting stars that i've seen just much closer and larger.I was just driving about to make a right turn and it came in my front window view peripherally and I hesitated a second to look at it and I remember forcing my nerve reaction to look at it bc I started to realize the way it paused in the sky and it felt as if that star was for me ; the timing and everything how I would be right there to see it feels crazy. it stayed in the sky longer than usual the whole train glow and slight blazing star head.
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