Verslagen Verslag 7611ht (Gebeurtenis 7611-2021)

This report has been linked to the following event: Gebeurtenis 7611-2021
NaamLarry B
Ervarings niveau3/5
OpmerkingenI was slowly driving along in the car with my mom as we were looking at fall foliage and then our eyes were just drawn up to the sky (not too high up and looking about 148 SSE) and we saw this bright green glowing ball shot across very quickly, probably lasted a little over 2 seconds, I had the impulse to reach down and flip my camera up, but it was over before there was any chance, it really took us by surprise, for an instant my mom thought she was seeing a plane crash down and thought it would crash into the mall just over the other side of the hill, for a second I thought it was some stray bit of fireworks (although the trajectory seemed too straight and not arced) or it seemed like some rockets crashing down but mostly it seemed like a meteor except it was so bright and it was still basically daytime and it had intense color and it was just mind blowing which then made me doubt it for an instant and think of fireworks, it had that intensity and the same sort of bright green (and I think for an instant pink) color that fireworks have (maybe burning up the same element/compound in both cases?). The moon was up already and we had looked at that a bit, but this was so, so much brighter, it looked to be some number multiple times brighter than the moon which didn't really pop compared to nearby clouds or the still relatively bright sky, but the meteor just glowed and stood out far more distinctly against the sky than the nearish full moon, which we then looked at again after the meteor disappeared. The meteor was just far, far brighter. It seemed like it exploded and maybe for the barest instant I thought I saw some little fragments go tiny, tiny bits in other directions, perhaps some glowing pink instead of green and then it was just gone. We couldn't believe the local TV stations in NY Metro area made no mention (although I suppose the tornadoes took their attention and perhaps lack of good video for this one unlike the one the night before which we did not see). It was just mind blowing, neither of us had ever seen any meteor anything remotely comparable before, never one in daylight before.
AdresRockaway, NJ
Breedtegraad40° 54' 57,19'' N (40,92°)
Lengtegraad 74° 31' 31,76'' W (-74,53°)
Tijd en Duur
Lokale Datum & Tijd13/11/2021 16:25 EST
UT Datum & Tijd13/11/2021 21:25 UT
BeweegrichtingVan boven links naar beneden rechts
Azimut kijkrichting148°
Eerste azimut144°
Eerste hoogte22°
Laatste azimut154°
Laatste hoogte18°
Helderheid en kleur
Ster helderheid-15,5
KleurPink, Light Green
Gelijktijdig geluid
Uitgesteld geluid
Nalichtend spoor
Eind lichtflits
Opmerkingensuper bright green, maybe a pink flash; the whole thing was crazy bright even a little before, the near full moon was already up in the sky and the meteor looked MUCH, MUCH brighter than the moon did when glancing over to the moon, the moon didn't even stick out that much brighter than a few white clouds in the still fairly bright sky, but this thing just stood out way brighter than anything else in the sky, moon or clouds
Opmerkingenit seemed like for an instant maybe it went from looking like a single bright green to maybe a couple ultra tiny flashes as maybe other little bits went off a very tiny bit in other directions, some of them maybe pink