Verslagen Verslag 7611iu (Gebeurtenis 7611-2021)

This report has been linked to the following event: Gebeurtenis 7611-2021
NaamHolly B
Ervarings niveau2/5
OpmerkingenIt was fast and very shocking considering it was so bright during the day. It seamed so close, and very low in the sky. happy to answer any other questions should you have any. PLEASE know that I was traveling in a u-haul moving truck with my brother from Long Island, traveling South on I95 to Florida. I'm NOT exactly sure of the location on the highway but noticed a sign saying East Windsor and wrote down the time/date and description of what I saw. My brother was driving and did not see it. I might be able to pin-point a better location than just given after reviewing a better /different map than provided? I am happy to give someone more details should you want to contact me. Thanks for this great record keeping!
AdresEast Windsor, NJ
Breedtegraad40° 14' 17,3'' N (40,24°)
Lengtegraad 74° 31' 58,48'' W (-74,53°)
Tijd en Duur
Lokale Datum & Tijd13/11/2021 16:33 EST
UT Datum & Tijd13/11/2021 21:33 UT
BeweegrichtingVan boven links naar beneden rechts
Azimut kijkrichting191,95°
Eerste azimut174,48°
Eerste hoogte19°
Laatste azimut216,62°
Laatste hoogte27°
Helderheid en kleur
Ster helderheid-25
KleurLight Blue
Gelijktijdig geluid
Uitgesteld geluid
Nalichtend spoor
Opmerkingentraveling in truck going south on 95 in/near East Windsor, NJ at 4:33pm on Saturday 11/13/21. It's head was bulbous and bright blue with a long, bright white tail. Above it was (maybe) another meteor that was smaller and mostly white. It was fairly close to the ground and seemed extremely close to my location. The tails were flaming white and fairly straight with feathered other tails. I believe the small one, kind of dissipated. But, the big one kind-of...popped or exploded into pieces? ..the tail continued for half a second and dissipated into dust? ..and left a very dim smoke or dusty trail...I think?
Eind lichtflits
Opmerkingenit popped or exploded into fragments and the tail dissipated and I think i saw a very faint trail(s) of dust or smoke?
Opmerkingenblue/white and very fast leaving trails